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An honour

Monday, April 15th, 2013

This year I was named the Biathlon Canada Male athlete of the year.  My first thought was “sweet”  my second thought was “why me?”

Sure this year I had some PB’s and made some minor improvements but no more then anyone else on the team.  Gow had a great first full season on the World Cup and LeGuellec claimed Canada’s first ever Biathlon World Cup victory for a male Biathlete.  Not to mention there was Green who was stuck at home but was tackling physio and rehab exercises with a dedication that can only be described as religious. And thats only to name a few of my peers.  So I was sure I wasn’t named male athlete of the year based on performance or dedication alone.

Then I started to remember when I first took my Firearm and Hunter Safety Course.  The course instructor explained to us the maturing mindset of a hunter/shooter.  When you first start hunting you are all about getting out there and hunting, you will nearly shoot any legal game.  Slowly you mature into a hunter that passes on smaller animals waiting for a trophy which takes more skill and provides greater sense of reward when harvested.  These hunters have gained a incredible amount of respect for the skill and sacrifice it takes to take a trophy and along they way has gained a great amout of respect for the animal. Lastly you go out for the hunt simply to be outside and to mentor younger hunters and to see the joy they get from their first hunting experiences.

If I tried to relate that to my biathlon career and my position in the team I am some where in the middle. I am now 29 and even though I started Biathlon at a very late age I have been on the Sr team for a fair amount of time.  I was once the rookie on the team or even on the World Cup Team but am now a veteren. Pushing myself has always come naturally and something I enjoyed but I am getting more and more enjoyment out of pushing others and being part of a team that can accomplish some pretty great things.

I feel that I have matured into the athlete that can be equally happy for a teammates success as though it was my own. I know that I was thrilled when LeGuellec won the first WC of the year, I was thrilled to see it happen to a friend and to know that maybe I was a small part of what pushed his limits a bit higher.  I also know that I want to be a part of the next podium and that to increase my odds of that I need to give myself selflessly to my training and my team. Easier said then done but thats where I hope I am headed.

So maybe it was my contributions as a teammate or maybe I shouldn’t over think everything and just enjoy the moment, after all its an honour I may never be rewarded again especially considering the competition.



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