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Wasatch Citizens’ Finale #5

The drive through the light snow, the clouds rolling over the mountain pass, all warned of another race at the Farm, Park City, was to be in a developing blizzard. The clouds pushed down the backside of the Wasatch and covered the sun. Slowly around 9:45 the clouds retreated back to the summits and the racing sparkled in sunshine. Sadly another year of local citizen racing came to an end.


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Wasatch Citizens’ Race #4, Soldier Hollow

The racing season continues! Soldier Hollow hosted nearly 300 racers on a beautiful morning on a beautifully groomed track. Watch sit-skiers, 6 year olds, through top Junior skiers, national champion Masters skiers, and everyone in between:   buy yasmin online

Wasatch Citizens’ Race #3 Classic

TUNA’s track at Mountain Dell was once again a beautiful venue for the classic race. Watch highlights of the Masters, Seniors, and older Juniors and then a second video of the youngest Juniors and sit-skiers!               buy yasmin online

Wasatch Citizens’ Race #2 15km Freestyle

Three hundred racers and race crew brought in the New Year at the White Pine venue in Park City, Utah. Best snow in years, bright sunshine, and cold temperatures invited a good crowd of skiers and spectators. Citizen rivalry, NCAA competitors, and Olympians heightened the excitement of this second race of the season. Billy DeMong raced his first race since retirement, Nick Hendrickson, formerly of USSA Nordic Combined, took the overall title away from Taylor and Brian Fletcher in addition to his  University of Utah teammates. Two more University of Utah teammates, Veronika Mayerhofer  and Josefin Nilsson placed first and second for the women’s open. buy yasmin online

Wasatch Citizens’ Classic Race #1, Soldier Hollow

Utah has snow! Watch highlights of this 10km citizens’ race in the beautiful Utah sunshine, on cold hard classic tracks, at Soldier Hollow, Midway, Utah. The University of Utah skiers dominated the open division along with former local skiers who had returned to Utah for the Holiday season. Age group skiers found each other again after a long hot summer to renew their quest to reach their age group series podium. This was a great weekend for Olympians to novice skiers to share a race course. Most of the Utah Junior skiers of all Utah clubs were in Jackson, Wyoming for an Intermountain Division, in house opener; a chance to meet and compete in a less formal setting than a full-blown Junior National Qualifier race. The youngest ages were here at Soldier Hollow in force; enjoy their racing:     buy yasmin online

TUNA Rec at Spring Fling

Spring lasted all winter and what a spring wrap-up day of racing, eating, dancing, and celebrating took place at Solitude’s Spring Fling! Hard corduroy set the stage for a 7 km morning race. All the big boys lined up in front where, as the gun went off, Torin Koos gave them a front and center display of a memorable sprint start around the inner loop and out onto the course. Barry Makarewicz also gapped the pack and may have kept Torin in sight, occasionally in sight (?), maybe in sight (?). Behind Barry, the pack racing was tight for the first of three laps with the lead trades indicating who blew-up too soon, who can climb hard in a V2, and who had the fastest glide on the flats. The second two laps had the multiple packs mostly sorted out within each pack and lots of just hanging on ‘til…

Wasatch Citizens’ Finale (#5)

The race usually known as the Farm race for its location was relocated to Soldier Hollow. This makes four of five races at Soldier Hollow with thier snowmaking capability – though very few nights have frozen lately. The track was superb and the citizens raced the slightly harder competition course with bigger climbs – four times! The 4.3km loop was shorter but tougher. Watch highlights of Junior skiers, sit-skiers, special Olympians, and master skiers:     buy yasmin online

Soldier Hollow Super-JNQ Classic Distance

The Utah sun returned to Soldier Hollow with March intensity. Sun was out, shirts were off, and who remembered the sun screen? Watch the second full day of junior racing among Intermountain, Rocky Mountain, High Plains, Pacific North-west, and California, and the Wyoming state xc meet.                 buy yasmin online

Soldier Hollow, Super-JNQ Sprints

750 skiers competed at the Super-Junior National Qualifier. This meet includes Intermountain, Rocky Mountain, High Plains, Northern, Pacific North-West, and the Wyoming State Championships all in one gigantic, 2 day Junior race series. Sprint videos start at U10.                                   buy yasmin online

Wasatch Citizens’ #4, Soldier Hollow Blue

Bless Soldier Hollow and their snowmaking. The Wasatch Citizens’ race #4 went off on an other beautiful day of blue glide wax and hard snow. Nearly 300 skiers skated the 5 or 10kms with some surprising results. Take a look at highlights of the race.   buy yasmin online