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TUNA Rec at Spring Fling

Spring lasted all winter and what a spring wrap-up day of racing, eating, dancing, and celebrating took place at Solitude’s Spring Fling! Hard corduroy set the stage for a 7 km morning race. All the big boys lined up in front where, as the gun went off, Torin Koos gave them a front and center display of a memorable sprint start around the inner loop and out onto the course. Barry Makarewicz also gapped the pack and may have kept Torin in sight, occasionally in sight (?), maybe in sight (?). Behind Barry, the pack racing was tight for the first of three laps with the lead trades indicating who blew-up too soon, who can climb hard in a V2, and who had the fastest glide on the flats. The second two laps had the multiple packs mostly sorted out within each pack and lots of just hanging on ‘til the finish. The course ran a quick inner loop in front of the Nordic Center, then around the north side of Silver Lake before it dove a tight turn into the aspen and Engelmann Spruce forest. The one big climb was through the aspen from the bottom of the Evergreen loop up to the top of Bypass. This was the hill that sorted out the climbers with big lungs as the course is at 8700 feet. Then back around the lake and Nordic Center to be repeated two more times.

Now a seven km race is not such a great distance for the master skiers, but this distance was skied by all. Eight, nine, ten year olds raced the three laps as well. Three times farther than any race they had ever skied in. They not only raced the morning 7 km race, many also joined in the 1 km obstacle course race designed for the Recreation skiers. But they were not finished yet, many of these young Rec. and Jr Comp skiers then competed in the afternoon sprint races where each sprint lap was another 2.2 km loop of the morning’s distance race! That is a total of ten kilometers of racing for these Junior Comp and Rec. skiers! Outstanding!


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