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In the Summertime…

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying spring.  EH?  I have taken my two weeks off and about three weeks ago I started my bike training for the cycling season.  YES, from about April to August I am a cyclist.  I travel around the country with a bike bag instead of ski bag, and meet up with all of my cycling friends, who I haven’t seen since last summer.  Except for Marshall Opel, Reid Pletcher, and Scot Krankalla who are my buddies in both. 


My Spring Break

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

After returning home from  Canadian Nationals I started my two week break from training.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to a tropical island, or float down the Grand Canyon, but instead got to spend my time in beautiful Sun Valley.  More than anything, these two weeks acted as a time for me to forget about skiing and just be a normal teenager, goofing off and having fun.  I stayed up late (which is a pretty big deal for me), didn’t wash my hands ALL the time, drank a coke, went downhill skiing, ate normal portions of food, and pretty much forgot about skiing.  Now, after that nice relaxation period, I’m working my way back into regular training.