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Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Holy !@$#

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Hey all,

My summer has been ridiculous!!  I have been everywhere.  I have been on more planes this summer than ever before.  I am a bike racer in the summer and the schedule is intense.  In bike racing, the emphasis is more on racing, and recovery from race to race, than training once the season hits.  Thus, I have been traveling around rocking the free world one race at a time.  I raced in Kentucky with Marshal Opel and the trip was crazy.  Marshal is from Glacier and we went from snow and 40 degrees to 95 degrees with 80 percent humidity in one day.  Here is the best part!!   You know the day before the race, where you hydrate, rest, open up the body, stretch, eat and what not?  Yeah, so here is how Marsh and I spent our pre race day.  We got up at like 9 am walked outside our cabin into freaking Jurrasic Park ( we were miles from civilization and the bugs were huge and loud, the trees thick and native ) and locked ourselves out until 5 pm.  Here is what we had with us for that time period.  1 pair boxers each.  That is it.  No water, food, phone, shoes, anything.  It was 97 degrees with 90 percent humidity and we sat on a porch.  It was great for getting the body ready for a 3 day stage race.  Shortly after I went to Massachussets.  That was good.  On the last day a huge French Canadian crashed me going 38 mph.  I have never slid that far on pavement in my life.  The frame of my bike cracked, my handlebars broke, I slid.  From there is was off to Boise for 7 days and tons of other areas.
So the coolest thing I have done was race my first international race.  It was in Canada and it was epic.  It was 5 days 6 stages and 27 teams 180 riders the nationals teams were abundant: France, New Zealand, Australia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan (yes like Borat) and Japan.  The race was ridiculous.  There were people everywhere, camera crews, helicopters. Little kids and girls wanted pictures, autographs, and water bottles.  So my coolest day was like this: The day started off super fast.  ( we were doing 100 k stages in 2 hr 10 min).  First it started raining really hard and a huge cross wind blew.  This made the racing super hard.  Then a camera helicopter had the good idea of descending to about 40 ft off the ground to get a great shot.  Instead, he created a rainy tornado.  Riders were crashing everywhere and it was super hectic.  About 20 ks later I got to see a French national rider and an Ukrainian national rider get into a fist fight on the bike.  That was different.  Then I flatted and got to chase back through the caravan following the race.  It was sweet because the were 45 cars behind the race and my team car was just going crazy to get me back up.  I got the hang up grabbing the car mirrors and slinging my self up one by one.  Once I got back up I was in a twenty rider pile up.  For some reason I was actually just loving life at this point.  I was bleeding badly, my clothes were ripped, my hand was bleeding all over my white handle bar tape, my bars were crooked, and I coudn’t use my front brake, but I was just laughing.  I finished safely and rode back to the hotel.  Once there I went to the medical office.  French woman just saw me and threw me this sponge and said “scrub!!.”  It was nice to know that she cared.  Bed felt good that night.

I am now in California at Junior Nationals!!!

I have good news though.  I have been put on the National Team.   This means I leave for Belgium on the 18th.  I will be there for about 2 weeks and will be racing in Belgium and Switzerland!!!

Free as a Bird.  yeah  ..    Max Durtschi