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A Climb for Willie

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

The Sun Valley Cross-Country ODT wrapped up a big volume week of training last week climbing the Grand Teton on Sunday.  Many of the athletes pounded the pavement, ran the trails, and lifted weights for 30 plus hours.  We lost a former teammate, Willie Neal of Jackson, WY, a few weeks back, and this climb was for him.  Willie, a great friend of the entire team, led an amazing life of service to others as well as the environment and he inspired us all. 


This quote defines Willie:  “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  -Matama Ghandi

So we made it up the Exum route of the Grand with Willie in our minds.  There is really no better way to form a tight team than to climb a mountain together.  Not only do you need the encouragement from teammates to get up and down the mountain over the course of a long 15 hours, but roped in, you’re totally dependent on one another.   Having a former Exum guide (Simi Hamilton) on our team seems to have some benefits.  Here’s some pics from the epic:





Harper’s TT/ Strength testing

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Sun Valley’s ODT took on the Harper’s Time Trial today which concluded some early summer testing Travis Jones had his squad doing this past week.  Harper’s TT has been run by hundreds of skiers who have come up through the Sun Valley program in the last twelve years and others from around the west.  It’s basically a 12 to 16 minute lung burner from the bottom of the Lake Creek trails system up Harper’s trail, a dirt single track.  The men’s and women’s records are held by Ben True, who ran 11:30 back in November 2007, and Morgan Arritola who posted a 13:41 in June 2007.   No girl has gotten within 1:30 of Arritola’s time so that one could stand for quite a while.  Today we had three PR’s: Mikey Sinnott cruised up with a 12:04 (3rd fastest all-time), Miles Havlick ran a 13:06, and Alexa Turzian tied her PR at 15:30.  With this being the first L4 session of the summer for the team Jones felt pretty good about the results.   Here’s a video from the Time Trial:  Harper\’s TT Video

Earlier in the week the team went through a strength test.  For the second year now, SVSEF has been using the Cross Country Canada (CCC) protcol.  The CCC test takes 9 minutes to complete.  Athletes run thru five exercises seeing how many repetitions they can do in one minute, taking one minute rest, then rolling right to the next exercise.  It consists of pullups, sit ups, push ups, box jumps, and dips.  Its hard.  This time around all of the althletes improved thier scores, some putting up some really good numbers.  Colin Rodgers scored a 396 (45 pullups, 70 situps, 75 pushups, 51 box jumps, and 65 dips (basically you mulitply your pullups by three and add all the numbers up to get a score.  As far as we know, 396 is a record for this test. 

If anyone in the Sun Valley area would like to go on a hike and meet this team, we’re hosting a public group hike for all abilities this Sunday morning at Lake Creek Trailhead just north of town.  Call Travis Jones for more @208-721-8579