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Camp on the Haig

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I was sort of hoping we’d be getting away from the internet up in this beautiful wild place, but alas, it’s here, so I’ll give an update on what SVSEF’s been up to.  The Sun Valley Post Grad and Comp teams are now on day 4 of our Haig Glacier Camp which is located near Canmore Alberta.   The SV crew hasn’t been up here in at least 5 or 6 years, so for this group, it’s been a totally new experience.    The camp sits at around 7,500′ and the each morning we make the scenic hike up to the glacier which sits at around 8,500′.  We’ve had some soft conditions and some fast hard conditions but for September skiing, it doesn’t get much better than this.  After two distance sessions and some strength, we had our first interval session today, 3-5x8min threshold.  Legs are starting to get a little heavy, but we’ll keep the pedal down till we hike out on Monday and rest at home.

For some of our Post Grads, who’ve decided to take a year off from school and live the life of a ski racer, this is our first camp together.  But after just four days, it seems like a super tight group.  This year’s PG class consists of Kelsey Dickinson (Methow Valley, WA), Cole Morgan (Bozeman, MT), Jack Steele (Whitefish, MT), Kevin Bolger, (somewhere in Wisconsin and proud of it) and Evan Martell (Burke, Vermont).

Here’s some pics from the week:

Steele, Bolger, Morgan

Stopol, Knori, Atkinson, McQueen

our accommodations

hiking up to the haig

McQueen's wicked core routineMcQueen’s wicked core routine