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Friday, October 26th, 2012

Made it up to Canmore a few days ago, and the skiing’s been excellent.  It was a little tough to leave Sun Valley right after we got 6 inches of snow ourselves, but without a base, it wasn’t going to last too long.  We’re feeling really fortunate to be on such good snow this early in the season.  The crew up here has done an amazing  job laying down a fairly wide 2km track on some really solid terrain.  They’re making snow like mad too, so hopefully another trail or two will open up in the next few days.  It wasn’t more than a week ago when we were getting in some long rides in 80 degree sunshine down in Moab, so its a bit of a shock jumping right into winter up here.  The last few days its been some frosty hardwax skiing with temp’s in the low 20’s.  Today, a few of our Gold teamers hopped in the Frozen Thunder Classic sprint up here.  Mikey threw down a solid qualifier taking fifth, and Chelsea showed she’s made some progress in her sprinting getting into the rounds.  It was a fun, low stress way for the athletes to get out the cobwebs and burn some oxygen.

Simi Hamilton and Pat O’brien bringing it home in the quarters.

Chelsea Holmes

Newel double poling away from the field in the final on some skate boards

PG boys: Bolger, Costley and Lovett getting in some bounding intervals in Park City.

This guy biked across the country this summer.